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We're Moving!

We've got big news to share: We're moving!

Mid-summer, 2017, you'll soon find us at 728 Irene St, at Pine.

Same parking lot as Tommy's Dutch Lunch,-- so, hell ya, you can cross bomb-ass food and bomb-ass weed off your list all at once.


(You can thank us later).

While our current location was impressive, it wasn't what was best for our customers. A small, dangerous, and mostly crappy parking lot with *high* visibility? Yes, it was great for opening a store, but in the long term, we can better serve you somewhere else. From the general feedback we've received, it's not what people want.

Our new location is awesome! On a much quieter corner with an expansive parking lot, it gives us room to grow. Throw parties. Host MASSIVE 4/20 sales. Invite our fav food truck to park in our lot. Maybe even pop-up shows full of art, music and other ways to feel 'good vibes only.'

But, in the meantime, we've got a lot of work to do.

You can help our moving efforts by stopping in often and watching our website and social medias for inventory clearance sales and the like. The more we sell, the less we have to move, and yippee! for that.

The bottom line is: what the People of Walla Walla want, is what the People of Walla Walla shall get.

At least from us, anyway.

Ya. We heard ya.

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